NITEQ’s E-Series is a fully electric straight forward locomotive, very job related with lots of options. The shunter can handle equipment up to 1200 tons worldwide in, e.g: loading and unloading platforms, underfloor wheel lathe facility, bogie workshop and wash plant.

Safety is a high priority, along with interlock with other equipment. The locomotive can be operated manually or with a remote control unit.

Available options are e.g; different versions of cabin, compressor and hydraulic units.

But most important are the wide variety of available coupler adapters and towing points.



NITEQ’s U-Series is a machine like the E but with closed transmission suitable for higher speed, more suitable for yard shunting covering large distances.



NITEQ’s Compact Series C is a machine like the E but with polyurethane tires instead of solid steel, therefor more compact in size and weight. In the low range sometimes an advantage as designated purpose machine.